Webninar on Case Study Analysis

Webinar on Case Study Analysis

A webinar on Case Study Analysis was organized by Poddar Management and Technical Campus, Jaipur for management students on 21 Sep 2020. The keynote speaker was Dr. Prachi Gupta, HOD(Marketing), ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai.

In this webinar, the methods and approaches of case study analysis were discussed and also was emphasized how a case should be analyzed. Either from the company’s point of view on which the case is prepared or from a competitor’s point of view.

She also explained that there is not an ideal solution to a case study as it will depend on various perspectives. She emphasized that the case analysis should be with an open mind and not being judgemental.

Student and faculty members found it very useful as a case study approach of teaching in management is very much adopted and is proved to be great learning by simulating a corporate environment.