COMMON MANAGEMENT ADMISSION TEST (CMAT-2021) Every year National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts CMAT for [...]

Webinar on Product Design and Development

A webinar on Product Design and Development was organized by the Design Department of [...]

Tricks and Tips for Photography

The Design Department of Poddar International College has organized a webinar on Tricks & [...]

Webinar on Accounting Standards

A Webinar on Accounting Standards and Its applications was organized by the Management and [...]

Webinar on Case Study Analysis

A webinar on Case Study Analysis was organized by Poddar Management and Technical Campus, [...]

Enhance your Creative Perspective – E-workshop

Enhance your creative perspective - Creative eyes in this contemporary world can start the [...]

Master Class on Restaurant Design

A master class cum webinar on Restaurant Design and Interior Lighting was organized by [...]

E-Workshop on Corporate Communication

A 3 days e-workshop on corporate communication was organized by Poddar Management and Technical [...]

Webinar On Brand and Consumer Personalities

A webinar on Brand and Consumer Personalities was organized by Poddar Management and Technical [...]

Webinar on Corporate Communication

A webinar on Corporate Communication was organized by Poddar Management and Technical Campus, Jaipur [...]

Webinar on Future Material Science

A webinar was conducted by the science department of Poddar International College on “Future [...]

Euphoria – Online Event

EUPHORIA Euphoria’ the National Inter-Collegiate E-Fest organized by “Poddar Group of Institutions” from 9 [...]

Webinar on Earning on Social Media

Webinar on How to earn on Social Media A webinar on how to earn [...]

Business Analytics Career Prospects

Business Analytics Career Prospects We are in an era where every data is digitized. […]

A Pocket Guide to Shape Up your Career

Career Opportunities in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY | With Dr Anand Poddar

Step Up Career – After 12th | With Dr. Anand Poddar

Herbal Soap from Floral Waste

Innovative Bio-process Technology Development for production of HERBAL SOAP from floral waste (PI: Dr. [...]

Herbal Colors from Floral Waste

Innovative Bio-process Technology Development for production of HERBAL COLORS from floral waste (PI: Dr. [...]

Candle Making from Floral Waste

Innovative Bio-process Technology Development for Candle making from floral waste (PI: Dr. Neha Sharma)

BIOMANURE from Floral Waste

Innovative Bioprocess Technology Development for production of BIOMANURE from floral waste (PI: Dr. Neha [...]

BIOCOLORANT from Floral Waste

Innovative Bioprocess Technology Development for production of BIOCOLORANT from floral waste (PI: Dr. Neha [...]


Drone Our students prepared a very lightweight but very powerful quadcopter which files up [...]


Robotics Moping robots Serving Robot Robots are habitually undramatic emotionless devices programmed to carry [...]

Home Automation System

Home Automation System Students from the department of information technology, Poddar International College has [...]

Step up your career after 12th with or without covid

In today‘s competitive world, each of us wishes to get the best career. Thus, [...]

Fashion Design: In and Out!

Fashion Design is the craft of utilization of design and feels or common magnificence [...]

Holistic Strategy for Better Employ-ability after MBA

Covid and Career: Let's make this situation------ Research By Dr Anand Poddar Covid and [...]

Career After BBA

Career After BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year degree program offered [...]

Enlighten Your Career with an MBA Degree

The MBA aspiring candidates are the one who wants to be among the world […]


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Student Testimonials

Mehul Panchal

It’s wonderful to share my experience of being with the Poddar group. I did B.Sc. From the Poddar international college. The priceless knowledge that I got in Poddar college is my biggest achievement. The environment of college really helped me to reinvent my self. All this could happen because of the motivation and guidance given by my all faculties. I am really thankful to all my gurus and Poddar group members who helped me.

Mehul Panchal

B.Sc. (2015-18)

Manisha Sharma

I succeeded in joining Poddar International college and had to plan my career route.   It was a difficult process and I had to be honest with myself and make some tough decisions. I chose Chemistry subjects that I enjoyed or wanted to try Teaching. I was inspired by my PIC teachers and changed my career path from industrial to Teaching. I went on to gain a degree in chemistry, followed by my postgraduate qualification. It has been important to me to be able to teach and to give back some of the support that I was given when I was younger. I now do teaching at Govt. School Lucknow UP. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of staff who worked hard to help me believe and achieve. To me, PIC is an amazing place that believes in its students, equal opportunity for every student, and can help any student achieve success.  

Manisha Sharma

M.Sc. Chemistry (2013-15)

GD Ramchandra Singh Bajya

Poddar College was a directional way of my life. I was really inspired by Anand Poddar Sir who gave me the best advice as a Mentor. Poddar Group is a platform for development all over the areas. He advised me to respect your work always, no work is small that’s why I choose CRPF to save my country.

GD Ramchandra Singh Bajya

CRPF (GD Constable); M.Sc. (2010-11)

Mohit Pareek

Just right after BBA 2011 examination, I have got an opportunity to work with one of the prominent investment banking organization i.e. Deutsche Bank Group & my association with DB was around 5.5 years (proudly the first BBA student from Poddar) I got aligned to Business Management team and was responsible for various strategic projects (Cost reduction, streamlining MIS reports &, etc.). After a couple of years, senior management started recognizing my efforts and gave me an opportunity for short term assignments in Frankfurt Germany (HQ). My role in DB was quite flexible hence I touched base upon many aspects of Investment Banking (KYC reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Trade settlements & Project Management). Also got recognized as Presentation Trainer across Jaipur DB site.
After the learnings of more than 5 years in the same organization, I realized I should explore myself more & embrace my career so I decided to relocate to Banglore and started working with HSBC (Investment Banking Team) and got the opportunity to travel London for a project.
Current Profile: Manager
Current Package: 15Lac pa
About Poddar: ‘My College inspired me to think differently. It’s like no other time in my life’

Mohit Pareek

BBA (2009-12)

Poonam choudhary

Poddar is NAAC recognized autonomous institute and studying in Poddar as an MA English literature student is wonderful for me. I don’t think it would have all got me quite so down if just once in a while—there was at least some polite little perfunctory implication that knowledge should lead to wisdom, and that if it doesn’t, it’s just a disgusting waste of time! But there never is! You never even hear any hints dropped on a campus that wisdom is supposed to be the goal of knowledge. You hardly ever even hear the word ‘wisdom’ mentioned!

Poonam choudhary

MA English literature (2018-20)

Aman Gupta

I am very grateful to Poddar International College for providing quality training which helped me a lot to get placed in TCS as Associate Application Developer. I thank my college to motivate and appreciate me towards the correct path.

Aman Gupta

BCA (2017-20)

Shivani Sharma

The System here beckons me to think out of the box and apply theory to the very current issues facing the corporate arena. The faculties over here are really talented, supportive, motivating, and friendly. I got really good placement opportunities with top MNCs. The college has its own way of updating students for their incredible growth.

Shivani Sharma

B.COM (2017-20)

Vishal Sharma

Choosing to study at PODDAR has easily been one of the best decisions of my life. The faculties available are second to none and has given me a whole new perspective towards different aspects of the business. There is limitless support offered by both the faculty and the administration to make our time here a memorable one.

Vishal Sharma

M.Com. (2018-20)

Manita Choudhary

My Experience with PODDAR was wonderful. I am a student of graduation till masters, my overall journey changed my personality. I learned, played, participated in many things here. Glad to be a part of this organization. I got placed via campus placement and currently pursuing my working with INFOSYS, great exposure, the college provides us the opportunity to carve & prove our capabilities organization. Thank you my all Faculty members, & my all friends.

Manita Choudhary

MBA (2016-18)

Ajay Kumar Saini

I feel proud when I think about what I was and what I am. The credit for this proud feeling goes to my teachers who helped me for developing me and my career. The precious thing I learn in PIC is; It is good to seek perfection but it is better to seek excellence. It is good to work hard but it is better to work hard and smarter. It is good to have a dream but it is better to actually pursue. Thank You Poddar International College.

Ajay Kumar Saini

M.Sc. Chemistry (2016-18 )

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